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The BATFE is notorious for its incompetence, racism, routine perjury, and outright brutality to firearms owners.

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Even Congress agrees that the BATFE is out of control -- they've held hearings several times!. Read the transcripts to find out why this agency has been called "jack-booted thugs."

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The Gang shows how an obscure government bureaucracy became a billion-dollar agency by trampling on the Bill of Rights. It highlights the agency's suppressed stories of corruption, blundering, and abuse. Even its managment goes on videotape to assure agents it will continue to commit perjury. Every gun owner should get a copy, or better yet, two: one for themselves, the other to show others what the truth is really like-- David Hardy, author & attorney-at-law

The Gang is a brutally honest look at the Bureau of Alchohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and how they are out of control. The presentation is shocking yet very professional. The production team at JPFO did an admirable job of assembling a convincing story that shows just what happens with an unchecked government agency. I highly recommend The Gang to anyone who still cares about their personal freedoms. -- Tim Schmidt, Founder & Executive Director, United States Concealed Carry Association

The Gang is an absolute MUST SEE not only for gun owners but for anyone who considers himself an American. It is the most powerful movie I have seen to date on why we must abolish this rogue agency. Boot the BATFE today, before they put a boot on your face. -- Richard Celata, KT Ordnance

The Gang is a must-see documentary, a tool that every gun owner must own. The concise facts of history and insight into the ATF culture are proven through actual documents, former government employees, and stunning behind-the-scenes video footage. Using The Gang, gunowners can compel Congress to remove this agency's ability to further harm Americans. -- Len Savage, owner Historic Arms LLC

The Gang clearly shows American gun owners that our grievance is not with some anonymous and all-powerful "government". Our grievance is with a small group of individual people who think they can strip us of our rights with impunity. We need to show them that they are not above The Constitution - that they cannot trample our rights and get away with it. -- Drew Tytran, American Gun Owner

I thought I had finally become inured to stories of abuse by government agencies -- I was wrong. The ATF's incompetence, malice, and pre-meditated criminal actions as documented in The Gang will outrage even the most jaded freedom activist. - Debra Ricketts, webmaster

The Gang is a wake up call to America. Criminal elements within our government are undermining the U.S. Constitution at every turn. This information should be shared with everyone you know, starting with your legislators. -- Rob Walker, Shotgun News

Evil needs secrecy and shadow to exist. The Gang drags this band of rogue criminals into the light; where we, The American People will judge their evil deeds. -- Larry Pratt, Executive Director Gun Owners of America

"The Gang" has the right message, in the proper format, for the modern age. This is a professionally produced and edited documentary film telling an interesting and compelling story using complimentary music and attention grabbing graphics.

Fast paced and educational, "The Gang" makes arguments that are backed with clear and convincing evidence. "The Gang" is an excellent way to educate family, friends, elected officials, police officers and others to the true nature of the GCA of 1968 and the BATFE.
John Moore, Criminal Investigator

I was left speechless after watching The Gang. Having been a target of the BATFE ourselves, the other stories of abuse were eerily similar. Gun dealers are sitting targets; there is no winning against the BATFE. If they cannot win in court then they will bleed your finances until you give up and it is your tax money that supports them. The Gang will wake people up and make them realize that this false security that the BATFE protects us is a lie. This is an agency that cannot be reformed, it must be abolished. -- Ryan Horsley, owner Red's Trading Post

In colorful, top-quality video, The Gang delivers the facts about ATF: how it started, how it expanded, where it is headed, and whom it is targeting. This video isn't about a "conspiracy" - this video delivers facts you can check yourself. I would recommend The Gang to all gun clubs, firearms-related businesses, FFLs, and private gun owners. We all need to understand ATF and how to protect ourselves against its abuses. -- Richard W. Stevens, attorney & author

[The Gang] is the most powerful presentation of the need to abolish the firearms-component of the BATFE, to open up the record of its operations for thorough investigation, and probably to prosecute some of its officials and agents for violations of Americans' civil rights that I have ever seen. Congratulations to you and to JPFO for casting a bright light into this dark corner so that all Americans can see what is going on, and why they must do something about it. -- Edwin Vieira, Jr., author (

I found the material [in The Gang] very well done and, while parts were quite depressing, the general philosophy behind the material was quite uplifting and inspirational. We need to always remember that many agencies such as the BATFE...have been abolished or greatly restricted over what they at one time were able to do. I would urge all of the viewers to "dare to dream the dream" and they should all recognize that it is a realistic dream in light of past experiences in dealing with such agencies. -- TJ Mullin, Attorney

The Gang is a must see for all gun owners and constitutionalists. This documentary is a great tool to use to help open the eyes of the general public to this very real threat to our Second Amendment rights. -- Buckeye Firearms News (read full review here)

Second Amendment Sisters recommends all gun-owners view The Gang."This documentary traces the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives from its humble beginnings as a tiny branch of the Internal Revenue Service. The agency appears to be not out-of-control but beyond the control of any political entity. This is the kind of bureaucracy about which we have been warned over and over. They have spent decades amassing and increasing power. The Gang should be shown in every gun club across America. During our annual Board of Directors and State Coordinators meeting in Dallas, SAS showed this film. We left the auditorium with renewed vigor to fight for our basic human right of self-defense. -- Second Amendment Sisters




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